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Natural Magical Wonderment | Earth Walk Intelligence


Natural Magical Wonderment

Natural Magical Wonderment

Earth is freakin’ awesome.  Where else can we see a butterfly delicately land on a flower petal?  Where else do we have the opportunity to put our toes in the water?  How else could we survive without the Earth’s grace?  There is delightful magic under every log, atop every tree top, and within every sea.

We are part of this great unfolding that is Earth.

Our own personal Earth Walk journey is the GREATEST opportunity to experience the thrill of living here, now.  It is the greatest chance to give a damn about the condition of our planet and each other, and to work on ourselves so that we may grace the Earth as she has done our entire lives.

We can begin by being thankful, by being kind, and by opening our eyes to the natural world and to one another.  We can practice seeing things through glasses wiped clean with the water of truth.  What is true for us and what may be true for others.  A tall order, but if you are here, now, you are up to the challenge.  And you will be rewarded greatly with a sense of well being and inner knowing that resonates throughout your life.

Yes, natural wonderment, let’s tune in to it.  Because Earth is freakin’ awesome and we won’t ignore it.