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4 Simple Ways to Get Along With Others | Earth Walk Intelligence


4 Simple Ways to Get Along With Others

4 Simple Ways to Get Along With Others

It’s unavoidable, we need to get along with others to get along in life.  Not always easy, but necessary, we can develop our “get along with others” muscle and enjoy ourselves along the way.  The first place to start is with good ‘ol conversational communication.  We can do a lot to get along by being aware of our habits in conversation and practicing these four simple things.

  1. Put away the device.  Yes, put it down, turn it over, silence it. Whatever you need to do to keep from looking at it when your Mother-in-Law is telling you about the fundraising event she attended last weekend. She will feel seen and heard, and strangely, she may even keep it shorter than if she was battling to get your full attention.
  2. Shut up.  Yes, be quiet while the other person is speaking. Now, obviously, conversation is conversation and there may be some dialog, but there’s no need to consistently jump in enthusiastically, cutting the other person off. They probably won’t like it, even if they don’t say anything.
  3. Stick to the facts. Sure, we all like a little embellishment now and then, but for the long haul, stick to the facts. Keep the conclusion jumping, assumptions, and exaggeration to a minimum. Plus, it’s just easier that way.
  4. Feel the love. We are all connected on an energetic level (whoa there!). Yes, it’s true. When we feel peeved or annoyed, we vibe at that frequency and it doesn’t make for the most enjoyable of interactions. Tune into the love frequency and bless them, even when it feels really hard and totally backwards to do so. You’ll be glad you did.

So there it is. Short and sweet. This can be kept light or taken really deep, which makes life rich and yummy and super interesting.

Best of luck in making the best of your conversations and practicing getting along.