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Into the Heart Visualization | Earth Walk Intelligence

Into the Heart Visualization

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature” – Joseph Campbell

Here is a fun way to tune in and prepare yourself to receive the messages meant just for you.

Finding your heart space.

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Find a quiet place to sit for ten minutes or so. Sit with your eyes closed and begin to relax yourself. Relax your forehead and your eyes. Relax your jaw and mouth. Feel your neck and shoulders relax, and allow your chest to rise and fall easily with your breath.

Imagine a tiny little you inside your head then create an image of a slide going down into the area around in the center of your chest, just above your heart. Now imagine your “little you” taking that slide on down. Have fun with this. Make your slide exciting, or easy going, whatever feels good to you in the moment.

When you land, take a moment to notice any sensations. How does it feel to have your focus in the heart space? It may feel expansive and still, or it may feel strange, or you may feel nothing. Itʻs all fine and you can be pleased with yourself for being there. The key is to discern any differences between how it feels to be in the head space and how it feels to be in the space of the heart. It takes practice, and the feelings sensations are the “muscles” you are exercising.

Now that you are in your heart space, look around and make yourself comfortable. Use your imagination to create a beautiful and comfortable room. If you have special cozy slippers or a yummy soft blanket you enjoy, see those wrapped around you. I usually imagine a bright white room with a comfortable chair, soft blankets, hot tea, and a good book. Sometimes my room is bright and full of windows looking out into nature. Again, see something that makes you feel good, then practice enjoying that feeling while you sit with your awareness in the heart space.

If your mind races you can look around your imaginary room to see if there are messages or treasures there for you. Perhaps it will look like a wooden chest, a wrapped package, or a crystal ball. Ask your Self what the gift is and what you should know about it. Then take note of the first thing that “pops” into your awareness. Do not judge. You can ponder it if you choose, and go deeper into questioning if it feels right, but be kind to yourself. Be curious. If there are any dark areas or corners, explore those and ask to see what is to be revealed.

If you find yourself really getting into the head again just slide back down to the heart space and refer back to the feeling sensation you experienced earlier to exercise that “muscle”.

When you feel nourished and complete, you can depart your heart space through an imaginary doorway and close the doors behind you. Then open your eyes, knowing that you can always go back to that space whenever you want or need.

Doing this daily will strengthen your sense of the “feeling” of being in the heart versus the mind. This is an empowered place from which to give and receive communication with Nature, animals, and each other.